If you've never been to a chiropractor, you may be wondering what to expect during your first visit. We are here to make you feel as comfortable and cared for as possible. Our "About Chiropractic" page is a great place to start if you're curious about the goals of chiropractic care. Here's what to expect during your first visit (the first visit generally takes about an hour):

1. Initial Forms: You will be provided a few forms to be filled out, which will help identify your health concerns as well as information regarding insurance. The forms can be found here. If you would like to save 10-15 minutes of your appointment, you can print the forms and fill them out ahead of time or fill out the online paperwork found on the home page and send it electronically. If you have insurance, the staff will try to have information on your policy by the time you leave the office. 

2. Consultation & Examination: The doctor will review the health history you provided and discuss your current concerns. He will then perform a chiropractic orthopedic and neurological exam. Here he will have you demonstrate a series of range of motion, bending, twisting, and turning to help determine the cause of your problem.

3. X-Rays: The doctor will determine if X-Rays will be necessary. Our office uses the latest technology in digital imaging to accurately diagnose your condition.

4. Explanation and Adjustment: The doctor will show you your X-rays and explain his findings in detail. The purpose of the next step, a chiropractic adjustment, is to remove the subluxation.  An adjustment is simply a directionally controlled force applied to the area of subluxation.  This can be accomplished by the doctor using his hands or an instrument to direct the vertebra to the correct position.  Dr. Camden is proficient in many different techniques and will select a treatment that is just right for your condition.

5. Question & Answer, Further Care Instructions: The doctor can answer any additional questions you may have that were not answered previously. He will also explain his plan for optimal care for you as you continue with chiropractic. As you leave the office, the staff will schedule your next appointment and answer any questions you may have regarding insurance.